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Former Manchester United and Netherlands Top Scorer Robin Van Persie as BK8 Official Brand Ambassador Year 2019-2020

BK8 has sealed a deal in partnership with sensational Dutch legend and former Manchester United and Arsenal FC goal-scoring genius, Robin Van Persie, following a contract signed between BK8.com and Mediapro Asia. 
This deal will allow BK8.com to utilise Robin Van Persie's image rights in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam, along with creating branded content and market visits for BK8.com's initiatives in these countries. The aim of this partnership is to also attract more followers to join BK8.com.
Robin Van Persie, regarded as one of the best strikers of his generation, says, "I am thrilled to partner up with BK8.com to promote the brand as their ambassador in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam, and I look forward to a successful partnership that would help them achieve their goals for the brand." 
BK8.com is starting on their ventures in sponsorships and this partnership with Robin Van Persie serves as a key milestone to their marketing plans moving into the coming year.
Lawrance Wayneson, BK8 general manager, said, "BK8 is thrilled to be having Robin Van Persie on board. We are confident that this partnership will bring additional value to our efforts in engaging sports enthusiasts in the gaming industry. With a major sports representative like Van Persie, our plan is not only to engage existing BK8 members but also to extend our brand as a premium gaming platform to all kinds of sports audience."
In the past, BK8 has successfully organized futsal tournaments, BK8 Cup, which received great responses. The company plans to continue organizing sports events with brand ambassador, Van Persie, and will be creating new and exciting episodes moving forward. Some of which include his visit to Thailand and Indonesia, as well as a series of activities leading up to Euro Cup.
This collaboration was forged by Mediapro Asia for BK8.com, the Asian arm of Mediapro in Spain. This ambassadorship brokerage is also the start of more future opportunities ahead for both parties.
Managing Director of Mediapro Asia, Lars Heidenreich, commented that, "We relish this opportunity to be working with one of the fastest growing sporting brands in Asia, along with one of football's top legends, and we are thrilled to explore more opportunities together with BK.com in the properties that Mediapro Asia collectively owns."

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